DENVER (AP) — An attempt by northern Colorado Republicans to get out of vehicle emissions testing has cleared an early hurdle — but the bill faces an uphill battle before becoming law.

A Republican-controlled House committee voted 7-6 Thursday to allow Larimer and Weld counties to avoid mandatory emissions testing for passenger vehicles. The counties were added to seven in metro Denver with mandatory emissions testing to reduce air pollution.

Larimer and Weld don’t currently violate U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ozone standards, but the Legislature added those counties because ozone standards are expected to tighten.

Republican supporters called the emissions testing unnecessary for now. But the new head of the Department of Public Health and Environment, Dr. Chris Urbina, opposed the bill, suggesting Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper wouldn’t likely agree to it.

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  1. druid0621 says:

    Emissions tests are a joke, and serve only to provide make-work employment and rob tax payers of yet more money. How long have these tests been in place? And what’s been the result? The Brown Cloud lives – so these tests must die. Just once, we should abolish a program that hasn’t met its stated objectives.

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