DENVER (CBS4)- There is a push at the State Capitol to repeal the sales tax on soda pop. Lawmakers allowed the tax to go back into effect last year.

State Representative David Balmer, (R) Centennial, has introduced a bill that would again remove the tax. He said singling out soft drinks increases grocery bills in tough times, and intrudes on people’s personal choices.

Balmer said the tax is unnecessary for the preservation of public health and safety.

Comments (5)
  1. shiloh lane says:

    oh come on, balmer. the state is broke, its a few cents on soda pop.

  2. for shame says:

    is there a beverage distributor in his family, district or on his campaign contributor’s list?

  3. Diane Kwasniak Walker-Clewis says:

    OK The last time I checked pop is food and there are no taxes on food here/ so as someone else brought which I think is a great question, is there a beverage distributor in Balmer’s family, like seriously?

  4. kris says:

    if the goverment would go back to basics get ride goverment cell phones goverment cars. everything back to the very basic ideas that goverment
    created,maybe we would do better raising taxes is not the answer

  5. DenverVet says:

    Bad subject for me to comment on………in my book people shouldn’t be drinking soda anyhow. Its really bad for your stomach, intestines and teeth, not to mention the sugar content, etc. There is nothing good about it, TAX IT TO DEATH, like they do cigarettes.

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