DENVER (CBS4) – Among those gathered in the streets and squares of Cairo, Egypt watching the events unfold is Colorado State University and University of Denver graduate Reilly Ross of Longmont. CBS4’s Rick Sallinger spoke with her on the phone about what’s happening there.

“There are more people there than we have ever seen thus far during the week,” Ross told Sallinger. “It definitely seems, I don’t want to say joyous, but people are very happy and proud and many signs, many flags, people have decorated themselves.”

The massive demonstrations have gone from violent to peaceful with soldiers taking over the security now in place.

reilly ross DU Students In Cairo Talk To CBS4 About The Protests

“I don’t fear for my safety at all. We have people coming up and saying, ‘Thank you for coming here, thank you for supporting us,'” Ross said.

Ross is studying at the American University of Cairo. Her roommate, also a DU grad, also spoke with Sallinger, but for reasons of security asked that her name not be used.

“I feel safe. I haven’t felt unsafe. I guess on Friday it was a little too violent for my taste,” Ross’ roommate said.

Now a major event has taken place. After 30 years of rule, President Hosni Mubarak has gone on television to say he will not run again. But is that enough?

“I think the people here will continue until he resigns,” Ross’ roommate said.

The demonstrations have shaken the Egyptian leader, forcing huge concessions, but so far have not toppled him.

The University of Colorado says it has canceled its study abroad program at the American University in Cairo over concerns the political unrest would put student safety at risk.

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