Police Warn About 2 Men On The Run

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – The Colorado State Patrol is warning residents of Arapahoe County to be on the lookout for two men on the run.

The men ran from a van that was pulled over on Interstate 70 near Deer Trail Saturday morning. A state trooper says the driver appeared to be taking a nap. When the trooper looked inside, 12 people, all suspected illegal immigrants, took off running. An airplane was called in to help track them down.

Ten of the suspects were caught. They were handed over to immigration agents.

  • RockyMtnRules

    Holy Cow, somebody needs to go back to Journalism school…how in the hell can the driver get pulled over if they’re napping?

    • DenverVet

      The van was pulled over, doesn’t say the cop pulled it over.

    • Howard

      They didn’t say the driver pulled over, they said the van was pulled over (stopped) on the side of Interstate 70. Someone needs to go back to elementary school to learn how to read.

      • RockyMtnRules

        Really, where’d you go to shool, CU? “was pulled over” is active verbage…perhaps the trooper “came across a van that was stopped along the side of the road” would have been more appropriate. Dork

  • Aj Edwards

    “was pulled over” is past tense. I guess if you read the paragraph out of context, it is poorly written. But, reading the entire story, you can deduce that the van was pulled over when the trooped happened upon the vehicle.

    Also, your “alternate” sentence is also poorly written. Perhaps, the sentence could be written as “The state trooper found the van parked on the side of the road.”.

    Also, learn the proper use of the “ellipses”. Doofus.

    • RockyMtnRules

      I concur…My bad…when the trooped (your spelling) did whatever…I don’t care….I skied all day and I’m pooped…not trooped…maybe you should go live in a van down by the river

  • Mindi

    Any more information? Let’s see, so far we have: Hispanic, male, Hispanic, dark hair, Hispanic, short stature, Hispanic, probably very cold by now, Hispanic. This is getting really stale. I’m tired of straddling the fence. Either we make Mexico a U.S. protectorate, or we shut down the border and enforce our immigration. Anyway, like the three Mexican nationals that murdered that girl and turned themselves in, these two will do the same. The weather’s getting very nasty.

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