DENVER (CBS4) – Late Tuesday night a van plowed through a fence and into a house in east Denver. It happened at 14th and Uinta around 8:30.

No one inside was hurt, and a man came forward saying he was responsible.

Roy Sterret said he was driving through the intersection and clipped the van. He said the impact sent the van careening into the house.

“It was like slow motion. I saw the van going and it was totally my fault, but I have to take care of it I guess,” Sterret said.

Sterret said he’s just happy everyone is alright.

Police have not said if charges will be filed.

Comments (4)
  1. mkdenver1 says:

    Looks more like an SUV, maybe a Dodge Duragon, than a van. Glad no one was hurt

  2. mkdenver1 says:

    Make that Durango.

  3. karl says:

    Finally a responsible driver.

  4. jo says:

    Thank you for being honest and taking responsibility. I’m tired of the hit and run cowards.

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