DENVER (CBS4)- Dive teams were plunging into the frigid water at Washington Park in Denver on Saturday morning. Firefighters were training for ice rescues.

The Denver Fire Department Rescue Team suited up in their wet suits and cut holes in the ice to practice saving those who may have fallen through the thin ice.

Firefighters said it’s never safe to walk out on a frozen lake or pond in Denver.

“One of the main problems in Denver, unlike in the mountains where the water is completely frozen over, our ice is rarely stable. It’s always dangerous to be on the ice in Denver,” said Denver Fire Dept. Lt. Larry Lollar.

Firefighters said if you see a person or a dog in icy waters, call for help and then try to throw that person a rope so they can pull themselves out to safety.

  1. chibblues says:

    Too bad they weren’t at Chatfield today. My husband was fishing with some friends and two of them went through. From what I understand it was pretty scary for a few minutes but they escaped unharmed.

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