DENVER (CBS4) – They accuse the city of Denver of violating federal law. On Friday more than 100 critics of the city’s pit bull ban rallied at the City and County Building.

City councilwoman Carla Madison may be a sympathizer.

“Not all pit bulls are great dogs but not all breeds of any dog are great dogs,” Madison said. “I just don’t think it’s right to single them out.”

But she’s in the minority. Councilman Charlie Brown sides with the majority of councilmembers.

“What spurred this ban was a 3-year-old child in southwest Denver being killed by a pit bull, mauled to death,” Brown said.

Like most his colleagues, Brown recently voted against amending the pit bull ban to accommodate service dogs. But the issue has momentum because Denver could be in violation of the government’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA forbids the banning of any breed as a service dog.

“I have an anxiety disorder and I use my pit bull to calm my disorder,” disabled veteran Jesse Eastburn said.

Eastburn lives outside the city but attends classes and works in Denver. By law, his dog must stay home.

“I have to suck it up and deal with it because I chose to pick a pit bull to be my service dog,” he said.

March 15 is the deadline for Denver to comply with ADA.

“If we’re looking at a federal mandate that the city doesn’t want to comply with and federal government has to drag them into court, we’re not talking about a couple bucks, we’re talking about a few million dollars,” organizer David Edelstein said.

Rally organizers say it will be interesting to see how the city pays for a lawsuit when it already faces huge budget shortfalls in a weak economy.

Denver put its pit bull ban in place in the late 1980s. Since then there have been no deadly or serious injury attacks by the dogs in the city.

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  1. JR says:

    Golly–Since the ban there have been no deadly attacks by pit bulls in the city. I wonder if it’s because there aren’t any pit bulls in the city to attack and kill. Folks, there’s a big difference between a simple dog bite and an attack. My dog might bite but then that would be it. Pit bulls bite then attack to maim and kill. So there is a big difference that makes the pit bull breed dangerous. Of all the serious attacks by dogs nationwide, the majority are by what supportors would have people believe are gentle, kind dogs. I don’t want a pit bull near me or any member of my family. The breed is dangerous around people and other animals.

    1. LB says:

      Golly JR you really think there are no pit bulls in Denver? HAHAHAHA wow. WAKE UP. Maybe you should stop wondering and jumping to false conclusions. Close your mouth there is garbage coming out of it. Here is a thought to think about. If there are pit bulls in Denver (and there are), than their owners are keeping better watch on them. If there haven’t been any attacks and kills than these dogs have been kind and gentle enough to “fly under the radar”. So basically they’re living illegally in the city and haven’t made attacks. I don’t want your kind around me or any member of my family. With thinking how you do, your breed is dangerous around people and other animals. See what I did there? I used your thinking and that doesn’t include logic.

    2. Cindy says:

      Should we bann the little Pomerainians who killed this baby.?? Banning the loving Pittbull breed is a CRIME.

    3. T. Rose says:

      You are ignorant and stereotyping breeds of dogs, I have a pitbull and have had her for seven years. She is the most loving and affectionate dog I have ever met. She is great with children and is the best dog I could of ever asked for. I rescued her and she is forever loyal and fun-loving and sweet. Pitbulls are nicknamed the “Nanny” dog because they are known for being so wonderful with kids. I wish people people like you would take the time to get to know a pitbull, if you ever met my dog I know you would change your mind. Everyone who has ever met my dog loves her and if they were ever scared of dogs before, my dog Butters has made them dog lovers. BTW, the reason why you hear about so many attacks by pitbulls is because the media doesn’t tell you about all the other attacks by other breeds. Yes, some owners of pitbulls teach their dogs to fight and that is horrible but that doesn’t mean all pitbulls are vicious. Saying all pitbulls are vicious and should be banned is the same thing as racism and I believe racist people are ignorant. It’s sad to see.

    4. Lisa Hamilton says:

      Funny though that the cdc considers ANY dog to have features resembling that of a Pit Bull to BE a Pit Bull. In addition to this flaw in the statistics, the breed most used for guarding, and therefore trained to be violent, are Pit Bulls. These bites and attacks are also used as statistical evidence that Pit Bulls are a bad breed You also need to consider that the most prominent personality trait associated with Pit Bulls is LOYALTY. A Pit will do exactly as they are trained to do. People are the Problem, not the “nanny breed” as they were known for 150 years. All I ask is that people get their facts straight before passing judgment.

    5. Joan says:

      There were only a few people at this pitbull rally and people parading around FAKE pitbull service dogs is already a problem everywhere as they are endangering the public and taking the places on planes and buses reserved for those who are blind or death and truly need a service dog.. You don’t get a legit service dog for an anxiety disorder as the man claimed in the article. The Federal ADA laws on service dogs need an overhaul to prevent posers from misusing the law to take their dogs places that no other dogs are allowed.

  2. Dokhead says:

    Hey JR do more research. Go to peanutsplacepitbullrescue web page and please read what is there. Iam 50 years old and have 2 pit bulls , never a problem with kids , people ans even little dogs. My wife and I are a orginaztion ( Tate’s Friends With Fur ) that helps rescue groups .You want to know which breed that bites the most ? Chihuahua. Which lage breed dog bites the most in denver ? Black Lab .Why does Ceaser Malian use Pit bulls for training other dogs ? They are VERY smart and only want to please thier owners. That is why this breed is used for fighting , ask Micheal Vick!

  3. JR says:

    Dokhead – read my comment. There’s a difference between dogs that bite and dogs that attack. My point being–dogs that just bite don’t keep on with the attack. And, how many pets and people have been maimed and killed by smaller breeds?

  4. Kevin says:

    I say keep the pit bulls banned for the sake of pit bulls and not selfish people and their desires.

    1. Jesse Eastburn says:

      Kevin, My Desires really wow ….and BTW so your ok with denver wasting a few million bucks in a lawsuit with the ADA, which if you don’t know ADA wins 99% of all there cases. It’s not just about the Dogs in genral. It’s the overall fact that People are being discriminated agianst, people who use these dogs for a better quality of life. Oh yeah BTW im the guy in the video

  5. Dahlia Canes says:

    Please educate yourselves on BSL and the banned breeds…go to

    Director for the MCABSL.

  6. KMC says:

    People continue to misunderstand and misuse pit bulls. Can a high percentage of owners be educated to manage their dogs, to keep other humans (and their dogs) safe? I believe it is unlikely. People don’t listen … don’t recognize their own limitations. Pit bulls are uniquely imposing, athletic, alert and tenacious. Once the jaws of a pit bull close virtually nothing can open them — the jaws are designed to crush bone. Because a handful of trainers and owners can manage pit bulls, doesn’t make the breed suitable for city living. -Doesn’t mean people will get better, either.

    1. Jesse Eastburn says:

      There is no such thing as lock jaws please cite your source or go read pitbull plecibo and get educated

    2. cindy says:

      That is the most ridiculous and false statement i’ve heard in a long time, that once a PIttbulls jaws close virtually nothing can open them…? Designed to cursh bones???haha Pittbulls are not robots, they are dogs and have the same jaw bone as any other dog. Do your research before you post such nonsense.

  7. Lisa Romero says:

    Your right, PEOPLE continue to do this and its not just to pit bulls its to all kinds of DOGS and animals. A High percentage of owners are doing something and they are promoting education on animal ownership particularly dogs. Its making a difference and we must demand this kind of behavior from the public. It’s the correct social thing to do. After all it’s taken this counrty 200 years to come to this social level, and how did we do that, we taught ourselves through LAWS.
    DON’T blame the Dog. We have to straighten our self’s up. There is just too much animal curelty in this Country.

  8. Jesse Eastburn says:

    Im starting to relize that some people will never learn and love to be close mnded people, Is this the 1950’s are blacks banned from restraunts, because that is the same discrimination me and my dog are going throu in Denver

  9. Aaron Lamb says:

    Any dog can continue an aggressive pattern or attack, be it a Bully, a Shepard or a Lab. The dogs with the most reported bites are not Pits. They are Chihuahua’s Dachshund’s and Jack Russel Terriers. According to the Humane Society of the United States, the Centers for Disease Control, and the American Veterinary Medical Association, no one dog breed is more likely to bite than others.

  10. Fuzzyhead says:

    The most horrifying example of the lack of breed predictability is the October 2000 death of a 6-week-old baby, which was killed by her family’s Pomeranian dog. The average weight of a Pomeranian is about 4 pounds, and they are not thought of as a dangerous breed. Note, however, that they were bred to be watchdogs! The baby’s uncle left the infant and the dog on a bed while the uncle prepared her bottle in the kitchen. Upon his return, the dog was mauling the baby, who died shortly afterwards. (“Baby Girl Killed by Family Dog,” Los Angeles Times, Monday, October 9, 2000, Home Edition, Metro Section, Page B-5.)

  11. Danny Gay says:

    All dogs bite, all dogs can be dangerous. To single out one breed and say they are more dangerous than others is just not logical. As long as my dog doesn’t hurt anyone or anything, what gives this city the right to kill him? Mr. Brown needs to get a job.

    1. pitbull lover! says:

      very very true!!!

  12. Danny Gay says:

    The Denver city clowns have till March to comply with American Disabilities Act. Come on March…..

  13. Timothy H. says:

    Pitbulls are legal in Lakewood and most citys west of Dumbver, do you see an increase in attacks in those city’s? No, and just think of the hundreds if not thousands of people that have moved to these citys to keep there dogs. Sooo you have a large number of pitbulls concentrated in these areas and not an increase in attacks………call me slow but I dont get it. BSL is a waste of money and time. Dont we have better things to worry about like our childrens education!!!!??? Do I think we need a dangerous dog act, of course. But make it for all dogs not just a certain breed. If your dog is a nuisance than you need to be held responsible for your animal. Why dont we look at much larger citys like San Francisco that have had there dog problems and delt with them correctly. Charlie Brown, your a joke, dont you have bigger issues to waste our tax paying dollars on? I cant believe we are busting our humps to pay you to debate on how to create a proper dog law, if you cant figure that out were all in trouble!

  14. 673964 says:

    I say that Denver does something about the Ghetto trash that abuse and fight the pits. While they are at it, make them get jobs too. Freaking welfare/Race card pulling/Dog abusing thugs.

    1. Sean says:

      QFT When I was younger I used to fear pits, thought they were dangerous, violent dogs. But that was being ignorant, after really meeting one and seeing how loving and gentle they really are I feel ashamed of how I viewed them. My best friend has had 5 pits in the last 9 years, they are very wonderful, gentle dogs. I agree with you, it’s the ghetto trash that abuses the dogs and raises them to be violent that are the real problem.

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