DENVER (CBS4) – The campaign to save the Capitol dome got under way on Wednesday. The problem for the state is a $1 billion shortfall. That means there isn’t any money to save the dome.

Colorado is now turning to a public campaign to finance repairs.

The dome is literally crumbling and the repairs won’t be cheap. The total price tag for repair is $12 million. The bulk of that money needs to come from donations.

The state is hoping to bring in $8 million from public donations. The other $4 million will come from the State Historical Fund.

The cast iron dome is badly rusted and pieces of it have fallen off over the last few years.

The issue has never been whether the dome needs to be fixed but rather how the state will pay for the job.

Last year lawmakers settled on a public-private partnership with the private sector picking up two-thirds of the tab.

No matter what, the state is on the hook for the whole $12 million.

If the campaign fails, lawmakers will be forced to dip into the historical fund again. Organizers of the fundraiser said that would mean rural communities would lose grant money they rely upon for a variety of projects.

Former Sen. Hank Brown is leading the campaign which has been given the name, Share in the Care Colorado

“This was always a place of great pride and it was a reflection of our self image. It was a reflection of not what we are, but what we hope to be,” said Brown.

Organizers are also making it easy for people to donate. Residents can make $5 donations by texting “dome” to 50555. The charge will show up on the customer’s next phone bill.

Comments (13)
  1. druid0621 says:

    Take it from medicaid and food stamps.

    1. Edwina Walior says:

      Isn’t that a crock. The government is asking us for donations. What the heck having they been doing with the money for years
      that they have been collecting from us. Have they ever thought of reducing government spending or taking less raises over the years. No matter what happens in the economy they always seem to get their raises, but we on fixed incomes have a freeze on ours. Poor politicians.

      1. chad f says:

        I couldn t agree more $12,000,000.00 for a roof job? Are you serious! This state is becoming the next California!

      2. druid0621 says:

        They’ve been expanding eligibility for public assistance – and spending more to get a pittance of a reward from the feds. One of the largest expenditures is Medicaid – that’s where we start cutting, since it’s a bad investment with a terrible return.

  2. Ted Sharp says:

    Druid0621 that is not nice alot of elderly depend on thoughs why not take it from taxes we already pay like food tax, state tax, or make a new tax on marry jane.

    1. druid0621 says:

      There will still be enough money left over after getting rid of the abuse and fraud. The elderly and disabled should never be left out in the cold. But our legislature has made this a free-for-all in expanding eligibility beyond the realm of reason. Generational dependency must end.

  3. S.C. Boettcher says:

    Oh, politics be damned, this is a landmark representing the entire state. Thanks for making it easy to donate; I just sent my text. 🙂

  4. Fred T. says:

    Its unfortuante that the past governors and elected officials did not plan for this type of maintenence just as road maintenence etc. . I realize that it is literally falling apart and they have erected some safety nets.

    With the current recession I wish them well in their efforts. I know there are many people like me that unfortunately live from paycheck to paycheck, during these times of rising costs and no pay increases.

  5. pick says:

    I think in keeping with the farsighted views of our previous and present Governors, we should replace that energy-consuming, inefficient dome with a thatched roof, made from local thatch, of course.

  6. Josh says:

    Awww the government is broke and turns to we the people to bail them out? Sounds like a crock to me. These politicians are no better than the lazy bums on the street begging for change. Instead of asking us for help why not actually DOING something to improve your situation. What kind of message does this send out???

  7. mandolino15 says:

    The information about how to donate really shouldn’t be buried at the bottom of this story. Isn’t that the point of all this? I suggest putting the info right behind the sentence that makes up the second paragraph.

  8. boba fett says:

    make the new one out of zinc… the mint down the street has plenty, and our coins are not worth the print either, haha

  9. Jack C. says:

    Hank can you say Pinnacol? Why not attach a “donation” deduction to the execs at Pinnacol who will not resign. They obviously have no integrity and don’t need more than the minimum wage so they can learn to appreciate what they have. There’s probably about 2 million right there. Lets go Hank, you and the state house have the power – just do it!

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