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DJ Caught In MLK Controversy Speaks Out

GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4) – A Greeley School Board member said he is getting death threats from people angered by his radio commentary.

Brett Reese has been reading a viewer’s letter critical of Dr. Martin Luther King twice a day on the Greeley radio station 104.7 Pirate Radio.

The station claims to broadcast to 40,000 people per day. With the recent commentary, more people than ever before are paying attention.

Reese is even receiving death threats and carrying a gun.

The commentary is quite controversial. It calls King a sexual degenerate, plagiarist and an America-hating communist. Reese said the commentary was sent by a listener three years ago and he aired it after doing fact-checking.

“All we are doing is airing something that a listener gave us complete with a disclaimer saying we might not even agree with what this guy is saying. We are putting it on the air and people are having a fit,” Reese said.

Reese said that he is not a racist and that he agrees that King was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement. He maintains that discussing King’s personal life should not be off limits.

Some residents are very unhappy with the decision.

“It’s very disappointing and I know he stands behind the freedom of First Amendment rights and speech, but in this case there’s no tolerance for that in our community,” Greeley resident Mike Johnson said about the broadcasts.

Reese said after a school board member called the local paper, the board voted to condemn the commentary. The school board voted 6-1 Monday night to adopt a statement distancing itself from Reese. Reese voted “no” and then walked out.

“They’re pompous, they’re arrogant. I tell that to them and I’m not afraid to say that kind of stuff on the camera, which is why they want to see me go down,” Reese said.

Reese said that calls to the station are split in half between supporters and opponents. He also said that he has lost advertisers but will continue to run the commentary.

“I believe in journalism and I don’t believe in bowing down to pressure of any kind, ever,” Reese said.

Reese has been reading the letter over the air for the past three years. It went unnoticed until the school board complained. He will continue reading the letter until Martin Luther King Day.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that the radio station described above was the No. 1 rated station in the area, which does not appear to be true after a check of the Arbitron ratings.

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  • martinez

    Seens like comments that are racially oriented. Get rid of Reese if Greeley is not a hick town insensitive to all minorities. He is devisive ethno centric and a racist. Greeley you can have him since he is a sarah palin clone and the answer is not carrying guns and the shoot them up mentality. He is crearting hate crimes indirectly just like Palin. Get rid of bigotry and racism don’t perpetuate and continue on the same white horse that enpowers people with guns.

    • former democrat

      Are you really as ignorant as your post?
      It isn’t a hate crime to criticize Black people.
      Folks can have opinions that differ from yours…yes even about MLK or the jerk in the White House.
      Read a little about our laws before you make stuff up.

    • Tim

      Most people who bemoan racism are also the people who are the perpetrators, in my honest opinion. Every redneck or hood rat that I’ve met that’s cried about racism were usually racists themselves, and sometimes even worse that the people they complained about. Every single poverty pimp out there has said things that would have been considered racists had the shoe been on the other foot.

      The people who are not racist choose to either ignore the filth that runs from these people’s mouths, or simply don’t notice it because they have more important things to think about.

      Lastly, people are responsible for their own actions. Regardless of whether or not the words of Palin, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, et al could be considered “hate speech”, they aren’t putting guns or knives in these people hands. Chris Matthews and other left-wing pundits are just as, if not more, inflammatory and arrogant. If the people listening to them are so feeble minded that their speech can provoke them into doing unspeakable acts, then we’ve really got a problem with this country.

      We simply cannot sacrifice free speech because someone’s widdle feelings get hurt or if they’re too angry to come up with a latte-born, pithy, trendy comeback.

      Both sides make me sick and in awe at their pettiness and stupidity at the same time.

    • Biglead

      You are just as stupid as your comments.If you do not have anything constructive to say ,get off the post.Your pure leftist sentiment is what is causing the hatred in this country.Your ideology is failing and you have nothing else but to accuse people.Hatred is a terrible thing,but if you must why don’t you go over to MSLSD and I am sure you will find a lot of people there who will join you in mindless hate speech.I suggest before you go on any blog that you learn some tools in grammer and spelling,you are really showing your ignorance!

    • Tater Salad

      martinez, hate to burst your little bubble but discussing a “hero” from a personal perspective should be provocative.

      fact 1: king was a renown devient while he was in new orleans setting up the southern baptist alliance.

      fact 2: he changed his name after it was known that his communist sympathies would see the light of day.

      fact 3: just because he was the leader of the civil rights movement does not change fact 1 or 2.

      fact 4: blindly protecting his legacy is perhaps more racist than questioning it.

    • Frankincese

      Or I guess you could CHOOSE not to listen. Why get offended when you can turn it off?

    • Ron Reale

      “He is crearting hate crimes indirectly just like Palin.”
      That about says it all. Palin has never commited a hate crime, except to say something you don’t agree with. (although, you said she crearted one, I don’t know what that is).
      There is nothing racist about the truth.
      MLK was no different then JFK and the Kennedys. Did some public good, (Not much, but some), but disgusting private lives. Ge over it.
      Ron Reale

    • SteveO

      Seems like Martinez is yet another person who apparently has never picked up a dictionary.

    • Bill

      You are a moron. What does Sarah palin have to do with this. Yoiu are worse than Reese because you only want people who agree with your point of view to have free speech but not anyone else. Hypocrite!

    • Paul S.

      The only way racism will be eradicated is if the negro starts acting like a human being. Rather than progenerate without responsibility, act violently at the drop of a hat, live parasitically off of working taxpayer and speaking a language that, quite frankly, nobody can understand, the negro should learn to take responsibility for it’s own actions, not have kids unless it can rasie them properly and maybe even go to school past the 8th grade.

      Then and only then will it be respected and though of as being human. But I’m not betting on that happening anytime soon. The negro would much rather sit around doing nothing, remain ingorant and blame everything on the white man.

      So sad. So very sad. Their biggest complaint is that the shoe fits, they just don’t want to wear it.

    • Yeo-Thomas

      Maybe we can just get rid of people like you instead. I would rather have ANY American politician to one of your mexican brothers.

    • Dennis Vergason

      Seriously??? Acknowledging someones contribution to Civil Rights and then discussing a letter sent to a radio station about that person’s background sounds racist to you, because it’s about a black man? Are you really that shallow of a thinker? Perhaps you should stop trying to continually play the victim and ascribe to the ideals that Dr. King espoused. I wonder when people who think as you do and spew such venom will realize that in fact it is you and people like you that are the true hate mongers and in fact are contributors to violence against your fellow man. It was a law abiding gun owner that held this nutball at bay until police arrived and likely prevented the lose of even more lives. Lastly, this is all about mentally unstable people doing crazy things, not about Sarah Palin or anyone or anything else. In fact the “Crosshairs” poster the wackos on the left point to was originated by a Democrat for campaign use….get a clue

      • Jack Kennedy

        dont waste your time dealing in facts ……….. the liberals dont want to hear it …………. facts dont fit the obama/liberal agenda of killing America

    • E. Monaghan

      Everyone has a right to speak the truth. If you find that to be racist; then right back at you. YOU my friend are the racist because you have to pull the race card when things don’t go your way. MLK was a violent sexual deviant who had a penchant for having sex with White woman and beating them. This was leaked out by Dr. Abernathy, one of his cronies. Besides all that, he was a plagiarist. MLK should have stayed in his church and left America alone. He was one of many who helped in ruining what was a great nation.
      Things are worse today than ever; so what was accomplished?
      Most White people love their crime free communities and shudder when the likes of “Martinezs” or blacks move in to ruin things. Stay in your communities, keep your stupid fake Kawanzaa, and your fake idols MLK and Malcolm X and leave us alone. We are not interested.

      • Jack Kennedy

        shhhh, dont let the secret out ……………. the secret that there are still a few towns of civility and “real American ideals” left in this country being ruined by liberals/illegals/obama

    • mark

      Uhhh…what? I wish I could better understand this comment, but it seems to have been written by someone who is essentially functionally illiterate.

    • KH

      Yes, let’s ignore the facts and instead focus on the politically correct.

    • Wilson

      Comedy gold! Great parody, Martinez. Thank you. Pitch perfect impersonation of a ignorant turd with no grip on truth or morality. I tip my hat to you, Sir.

    • tonio rocciano

      Martinez, wars of all types are fought with weapons not CREAM PUFFS. America is free be cause WE fought for her.. I am a black man black-Apache-Sicilian and I love our fine nation BUT if anyone calls me the ‘N’ word they better be ready to get a serious ass whuppin.

      • YT

        So you are black, Apache, and Sicilian and the “N” word (LOL) offends you. So I guess it would be ok if I called you an injun or a greaseball. I think you are a douce bag.

      • Tim

        I’m with Tonio on this one. Sure, it is someone’s right to use the “N” word. But, it is also Tonio’s right to knock out the lights of whoever said that. Just the same as if I were called a “cracker” or other derogatory term for a white guy – I’d punch their lights out.

        I’m not a violent guy, but anyone who spouts off those kinds of insults to another person should already be prepared for what they’ve got coming to them. Most people say those things out of either arrogant, aggressive ignorance or an invitation to violence. In short, they’re asking for it.

        Why not oblige? :)

      • Damon Smithwick

        Seriously, Texas Patriot? You actually resort to using that word? You’re no patriot, but neither is tonio. Someone like you saying “N” to offend is a moron. Rappers are morons for using it too. Someone threatening to use violence over it is a moron too. Instead, he should feel sorry for your feeble mental skills that you have to resort to that type of name calling to play with the big boys. Grow up, the only thing that matters in the 21st century is if you’re stupid or not. Both you and tonio are clearly not going to be designing any rockets soon. You shame the name of Texas.

      • Ken Wright

        Tonio I bet you wont put an “ass whuppin” on me buddy. Put your hands on someone over a name calling I dont care what it is where I live and you wont be able to “Whup” anything again.

      • TexasPatriot

        Hmmmm a fcuking NlGGER threatening to beat up people. How am I not surprised. Go back to the cotton field you degenerate!!

      • Historyshowsus

        And the black community wonders why they have a disproportionate number of their people in jail. Of course you can always blame it on racism.
        Pathetic culture.

      • Yeo-Thomas

        Saying things like, “better get ready to get a serious ass whuppin”, shows what a bum you are. You are not talking about coming up behind a little old lady and robbing her with your 9mm. Only little boys come on the internet and say things like that. You did not have to tell us you are black, it shows. Just make sure you do not bite off more than you can chew.

      • Hey

        Emma Peel said:

        “DNA testing has TOTALY debunked the Sally Hemings story. It is false, and there are no Jefferson/Hemming children.”



        I don’t have time for you jokers. You got the name : SALLY HEMINGS!

        Look it up yourself. Google it (no wiki). Amazon it. Go to your library, archives or whatever you do. Then you might want to look up Thomas Jefferson’s son MADISON HEMINGS own account of his privileged status as a slave and how all his siblings were let go. Then look up ESTON HEMINGS (DNA). Then you can look up the Montecello’s own website. You’ll find some spin of course, but you’ll get the drift of what their position is. They confirm nor deny but hint towards it high probability.

      • yank

        you think it is OK to harm a person over name calling then you need your azz beat!

      • Justa Thought

        If you look at all the posts above, you see a clear message. Race relations have definitely not improved in the last 2 years. Why? Because we perceive our president differently today than when he was running for office (or at least those of you who voted for him and don’t keep up with politics do). He couldn’t have gotten elected without the white vote. But say “Small Town Americans are bitter and they cling to their guns, and are religious zealots” and Cambridge police officers acted “stupidly” without a shred of evidence and it’s a slap in the face of the white people who voted for him….and embarrassing. And these are just the remarks he has made after being elected…when people started paying attention. Think he will get the white vote again?

        And one last comment: What’s the difference in saying “the N word” and saying the “N” word. Don’t they mean the same thing?

      • Keith

        How can you say get rid of bigotry, then call Greely a hick town? Typical hypocrisy that always surrounds these type of reports.

      • Randy

        toni rocciano, there’d be an ass whuppin, but not quite the way you think, I’m sure…

      • Casey

        But black Rappers are exempt, right?

      • Americana

        A negro resorting to crime and violence over namecalling, why am I not surprised.

      • melee

        its called insecurity over one’s skin color and I actually feel sorry for those that have been preprogrammed to react a certain way to a certain word. It really is pathetic.

      • melee

        Only the weak and feeble-minded would let one word bring them to physically hurt another human being, get over yourself, you really arent as important as you think you are, numbskull.

      • chris

        OOOH, look at the big man on the message board mouthing off from a keyboard.

      • Fred

        what a shock, a black guy threatening violence over a word… Ever heard of “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? Grow up and stop being a baby. Assault = incarceration, do what you think you must.

    • litewerx

      Name one hate crime, directly or indirectly that Sarah Palin has incited. Just one a single one. Make it a fact not a talking point rewrite and read your last sentence in front of a mirror.

      • tonio rocciano

        right on litewerx, tell it like it is….bullfrog

    • Mark

      It is true what Reese’s listener says about MLK.

      • Jack Kennedy

        but ……… uhh …………thats not fair, facts are not relevant if they dont support the liberal agenda …………… besides, only rappers, artists and liberals are allowed freedom of speech ………. not the ignit “real Americans”

      • Mark

        Wake up white man.

      • tubaman

        it is true what he says about MLK but people don’t want to hear the truth about his Socialist agenda and his womanizing

    • s.s.

      Hey wait a second I live in Greeley and I sure a heck don’t want him!!!

    • aelfheld

      Your semi-literate vergiberation rightfully consigns your opinion to the dustbin.

    • JohnD

      Martinez, your comments are incredably ignorant. You rail against Reese, calling him a racist and then try to trash Palin. What the heck does she have to do with this? If you really want to get rid of racism and bigotry start with your own sick thoughts and comments. You are a despicable person.

      • Jack Kennedy

        martinez is inciting hatred and rage ……….. the next shooting will be on him and his fellow illegals as well as the obama media

    • Reason

      Minorities believe that if a white guy says something they disagree with its racism or bigotry. Do these same people calling this radio guy a racist or bigot go after rap artists for using the n word, sensationalizing drugs and violence, and degrading women. I think not.

      • Tim

        Because, it is part of their “culture”.

        If David Allen Coe or Johnny Rebel were considered part of, and heralded as, “white” culture, the world would explode.

    • bob barker

      damn you is a ignit

    • regis49

      “He is crearting(sic) hate crimes indirectly just like Palin”

      No, the hate crimes are very direct and their entirety is directed at Reese and Palin by people who do not tolerate freedom of speech. Death threats are hate crimes, so, the only crimes they are “creating” are the ones committed against themselves.

    • Chris

      If you are against ethnocentrism, racism, bigotry, & the “shoot ‘em up mentality,” look no further than your nearest “Latino” community instead of pointing your hypocritical finger at “Hicktowns” which are far less numerous in the South-Western U.S. than the former, & i’m sure have far less crime.

    • Chris

      If you are against ethnocentrism, racism, bigotry, & the “shoot ’em up mentality,” look no further than your nearest “Latino” community instead of pointing your hypocritical finger at “Hicktowns” which are far less numerous in the South-Western U.S. than the former, & i’m sure have far less crime.

  • tonio rocciano

    I as a black man agree with some of what has been said about king. . He did do some good for lierals. As a 32 year military vet i did not like the idea of allowing black MEN men spat upon and being beaten.

    • Rick Daniels

      Dr. King was a brilliant man. He was also a Republican, which proves it.

      • Family Guy

        Barack the magic negro will fix it.

      • Matt

        I was brought up to beleive their is only one race: the human race. Can’t we all agree that, although flawed as a human being, MLK did a lot of good and that a lot of good was done in his name?

    • Hey

      SO WHAT!? Every man is not perfect and MLK’s good deeds far outweigh his so-called vices. Perhaps Greely and Drudge agrees with what was going on back then in the 60’s. I guess what was going on in the 60’s was much more preferable than MLK’s “communist,” protest. I suspect that this is being done out of pure callousness and racism, rather than anything they claim.

      How come they don’t talk about their sexually deviant, slave owning/rapist founding fathers? How about we have a moment of truth about how Thomas Jefferson raped SALLY HEMINGS and fathered many children outside of his marriage by her. Let’s talk about how Thomas Jefferson hated and oppressed the indians any chance he could. My comment shouldn’t be deleted because everything I said, can be verified..

      • Tim

        I would consider a lot of the people in government to be “communist” these days. If we were in the 1950s, a large share of them would be imprisoned. Now, that only happens in my dreams.

        Anyway, if MLK was a communist, big deal. At least he did something that was good that didn’t cost the American people a mint, and truly had the best interests of the country at heart.

        That alone puts him leaps and bounds ahead of the poverty pimps and dillweeds in politics today who claim to fight for “social justice” (code for “I’m going to take something that you worked for from you to give to someone else, and you’re going to like it, otherwise you’re a racist evil man”) and the American people.

      • GUS

        Everything that has been said about MLK can and has been verified.MLK was no more a saint than JFK or any other individual.All individuals are flawed. However, even flawed individuals are not all bad or good.The TRUTH will set you free.Some folks just can’t deal with the TRUTH.Get over it, and get a life.

      • Emma Peel

        DNA testing has TOTALY debunked the Sally Hemings story. It is false, and there are no Jefferson/Hemming children. A lie retold over and over does not make it the truth.

        That MLK did a lot of good for the civil right movement and gave his life because of his work is a fact. That he was a plagiarist (on his doctorate thesis) and a serial adulterer is also a fact. One does not negate the other either way.

      • Concerned

        Hey, And please don;t use The History Channel or Wikipaedia as your source citings. Respectfully.

      • Concerned

        Hey Hey,

        Please provide historical written credible evidence for your allegation about our founding fathers including Tom Jeffrson. :)
        Just keepin’ it fair.

      • Whole truth

        Please provide some proof of the rapist part.

      • Mac

        “How come they don’t talk about blah blah blah”

        Because that stuff is KNOWN.

        That’s the point here — the material he is reading is (apparently) new information, and the issue is that it’s being suppressed because it isn’t PC to suggest that MLK is anything less than a perfect sainted martyr.

      • chris

        So, as far as you’re concerned, two wrongs make a right? Typical liberal mentality.

      • Ralph john

        Sir, Plrease learn our history before you “rant” on the founding fathers.

    • Hey

      Someone said:

      “We want to know the best about MLK. So why not let alll the information out from the sealed records kept under federal wraps for fifty years?”

      You mean the MLK file kept by arch RACIST and cross dresser J. Edgar Hoover ?

      • chris

        Yes, that one. I think your the RACIST. Well, at least an idiot.

    • Hey

      SO WHAT!? Every man is not perfect and MLK’s good deeds far outweigh his so-called vices. Perhaps Greely and Drudge agrees with what was going on back then in the 60′s. I guess what was going on in the 60′s was much more preferable than MLK’s “communist,” protest. I suspect that this is being done out of pure callousness and racism, rather than anything they claim.

      How come they don’t talk about their sexually deviant, slave owning founding fathers? How about we have a moment of revelation about how Thomas Jefferson “took advantage of” his slave -SALLY HEMINGS- and fathered many children outside of his marriage by her.

      Let’s talk about how Thomas Jefferson hated and oppressed the indians any chance he could.

      • Emma Peel

        A rant is better if based upon facts and well written.. Work on it.

      • TheLibertine

        “Indians” should be capitalized, you racist!

  • Mike Constitution

    What exactly do you mean by saying “get rid of him”?

    • Jose Bialil

      Exactly – Sounds like liberal hate speech to be. He’s trying to incite violence and should now be held accountable.

  • DenverVet

    This man is a jerk for airing this letter. A lot of people look up to Dr. King, black, brown and white. Dr. King was responsible for so many NEEDED changes in our society. I think by airing this letter Brett Reese thought he would get National recognition or a better job somewhere for creating such a horrible subject. I hope it backfires in his face and he loses his job and isn’t offered any other jobs in radio. Why would someone bring this up now, long long after Dr. King got one little day of recognition for his efforts to make the world a better place? Fame, that’s the answer.

    • chris

      I love Dr. King. He died so I could have next Monday off. What a guy!

      • Randy

        LOL that was great!

    • Real American

      ahh yes, the typical American black. You spend half their time acting like ganstas/racists/morons/victims/idiots and then the other half being made at America for recognizing that fact.

  • james

    If it’s true (by and large it is) what’s wrong with discussing it? You’re missing the point. MLK is the only american with a holiday named after him… not the movement, him. We should be able to discuss it. Reese is just doing his job. This sums it up really well.

    • Jack Kennedy

      you dont get it ……. anything that is negative in any way for any liberal black is not fair to expose ………… so, you must be racist and not tolerated

    • Yeo-Thomas

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    • Emma Peel

      Totally agree.

    • Yeo-Thomas

      I agree with you 100% . The time when certain races get a pass for their leaders is OVER !! As far as I am concerned it should have never been allowed. The FACT is king was a bum, much like most of his noisy defenders.

  • Aunt Bee

    “Wherever books are burned, human beings are destined to be burned too.” ~ Heinrich Heine

  • Annie

    Are the allegations made in this letter incorrect? How many of you actually lived in a city when King and his gang showed up? If you have no personal knowledge of the events that followed, perhaps you should say nothing at all.

    • Jack Kennedy

      annie ………….. so according to you, you and all of the American blacks can say nothing about slavery

    • Emma Peel

      “No personal knowledge perhaps you should say nothing at all”!?!?!?!?! If that is your criteria for discussing an issue you must have an extremely limited scope of topics. It is absurd to say one can only discuss that of which one has direct personal knowledge.

      As for the letter…those are all established facts. He was a flawed man but did a lot of good.

      • Wilson

        Well played, James. It was far past time that someone bring up the Nazis. That’s always a sign of erudition. Thank you.

      • james

        A certain German back a few years ago had really good roads built in Germany.
        That does not off set the smoke stacks he had built to dispose of dead bodies of several million people, did not make him a great man, at least in my opinion.
        And frankly, some of these loons who are all ways ranting and raving about all the good they have done and are going to do, as they do things like creat hanging trials for someone, see Tawana Bralley in Kingston, New York as on very good example.
        And that dude is screaming to muzzle Rush Limbaugh. The list is long.. And I look at what a so called great leader in power who with a little help from a lot of loons has created more racism and up roar in this great nation than I have seen in the past fifty yearsk, when LBJ and the Republician Party pushed thru the civil rights bill.

    • W R Smith

      I know it for a fact….In Atlanta, his sexual daliances are what kept him from getting elected to the Atlanta City Council and other offices…He was a doomed politcal candidate….couldn’t keep li’l Willie zipped up at all…..a total playboy.

      • Randy

        Which makes him a worthless hypocrite and a hack. No surpirise there.

  • Fromthesouth

    I have read and heard the affairs rumors for a while from people involved with the original marches and rights movements. I’m from the area where they occurred. I haven’t heard the other part of the letter. I am pretty sure the affairs are true. Why can’t we openely discuss that side of the man? We hear rumors that Lincoln was gay every 5 years or so. Hell, any rumor that surfaces on conservatives (recently Kelsey Grammar) is immediately reported as fact. I would like to see all sides to Dr. King.
    I think it would paint a more complete portrait of his life, flaws and all.

  • John C

    Not slandar if the facts check turns up true.

    • American

      always slander if the facts show negative toward liberals/blacks/mexicans/illegals

  • roger spires

    There’s nothing new in this. The cause was greater than the man. The man, like all men, was flawed. Most of this was reported by what alternative media existed at the time. He was a lightning rod for change and the mainstream media of the time disregarded the darker side. The same rule was applied to JFK, RFK, et al. The main difference was that the media applied the same rules to both the right and the leftt, unlike today’s mainstream media.

    • Brian

      I agree.

      It’s appalling how historical figures, including our forefathers, are dragged into the present and judged for things they allegedly did, when they can’t defend themselves.

      I’d rather concentrate on the good that they did.

      Unfortunately, Dr. King’s legacy as been sullied more by the charlatans that slither in his wake (e.g. Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton), than anything he did in his personal life.

    • chelsea

      Best comment yet.

    • waldo

      He wasnt perfect. Niether am I or you..great men and women have weakness. We should discuss it and then learn from it. Learning this has disappointed me but it will never undo how great of an AMerican he was. To the elected… the devil seeks even you..
      Great post Roger

  • uncledan

    We want to know the best about MLK. So why not let alll the information out from the sealed records kept under federal wraps for fifty years?

  • asides

    Where did the strange modern idea come from that a person representing something should also be inhuman?

    Martin Luther King was a human. No-one is perfect, even Jesus showed fear, that was sort of the point.

    Why do we put people who do one good thing up on a pedestal as if they were no longer people, no longer human, that just polarizes and breeds a blind faith ignorance about the person. They end up either 100% good or 100% bad. Never just another Joe doing the right thing at the right time.

    Heroes are only heroes despite themselves, not Hollywood caricatures, it’s the ability of themselves and their actions to rise above whatever else they might be that makes them great. For their greatest legacy to outshine all else.

    Simply put, it’s that people are willing to overlook his failings makes Martin Luther King a great man. That’s enough that anyone should feel secure in being able to question and look into his life dispassionately. If his great acts can’t help him rise over those other actions in your eyes then the problem is not Martin Luther King’s, it is yours.

  • Paul B.

    I give this guy credit for having the guts to speak out. We really need to stand down on the racial tension, and not be avoiding difficult subjects, but by airing them. Healing never comes by burying issues. King did a lot of good, but he was deeply flawed. Let’s all take a deep breath and start speaking the truth, one to another, in love.

  • William Arnicar

    Mike Johnson said “I know he stands behind the freedom of First Amendment rights and speech, but in this case there’s no tolerance for that in our community,”
    Holy moly, I’m thinking this might not be the best “commie unity” to live in!
    Mike Johnson, in any position of authority, sends shivers down my spine.

    • W R Smith

      freedom to speak ONLY what I want to hear…. imagine that!

    • chris

      A Democrat resorting to censorship? I’m SHOCKED!

  • Tyler

    It is funny how revisionist history works.. talking about the sexual proclivities of MLK and JFK are Taboo and ‘verbodin’ but talking about the sexual trysts of say Thomas Jefferson w his slave Sally Hemmings, or Bill Clinton’s indiscretions is harmless fun. Complete double standard..

  • Doug Kinton

    I also would like to add that MLK was not a Democrat and most likely voted as a Republican, especially in his early years. His father was most assuredly a Republican, Don’t forget that the South was totally Democratic and had guys such as John Stenis, Strom Thurmond, Eastland, Geo Wallace, etc., running things.

  • Phil

    What Mr. Reese has reported is true. Edgar Hoover kept a file on Dr. King and had Dr. King tailed. It was common knowledge at that time that Dr. King was a womanizer. Bobby Kennedy was not sure that Dr. King was playing straight with the President and as a result had Hoover keep tabs on Dr. King. Whether Dr. King was a plagiarist I cannot speak to this. Was he a communist? Bobby , John and J Edgar were not convinced he was not. This is not easy for some to believe, especially if he was a hero to them. Remember, Dr. King was only a man which opened him to human failures as well to successes.

  • Glenn

    tonio i would never call anyone the “n” word but also I realize not to call other people steroetypical slurs to demean them..I hope you do not call people white boys or rednecks because that too is a slur meant to demean and stereotype people and also is racist..The MEDIA”liberal as it is has no problems with calling people racist names though if they victims are not liberal..They in tv shows and on the news call people rednecks all the movies they have black peoople calling whjite guys white boys and you never hear an uproar..THE PC double sandards of the liberal media are disgusting and what ruly causes raciin the world.The destroy people over mispeak rather then actual HATE but only if you are WHITE..If you are any other color it is acceptable and not racist in the least..even if you call someone cracker or i hate white people as Charles Barkley did years ago..Do you ever hear that mentioned? NOPE..I don’t think you would say stuff like that you sem upstanding and intelligent but i just wanted to express at 3 am in the morning how bigoted and intolerant the liberal media is and how they incite racism and keep it alive in America!! They teach black people to be victims and to hate white boys because well they hate you so you should hate them..Disgusting..Don’t believe the hype,most non liberals are common everyday people that just want to live their lives and get along with everyone else and as long as you are a good guy they would be your friend with no problems no matter whjat the liberal media and schools teach you or any others.!! ok off my half awake soap box rant ..Take care !!

  • chuckles

    I’m 59 years old and lived through that time. It is all true and most people knew it. He portrayed himself as a man of God, but lived like the devil. He was a poor choice to head such a movement, but the other choice was Malcolm X or the Black Panthers. He was effective and less threatening than the others. Civil Rights was coming no matter what. Eisenhower had already sent troops to Arkansas schools and started to desegregate the military.Desegregation was coming anyway. MLK did what was needed and died for the cause, but he was certainly not the best example of a hero. Jackson and Sharpton were running buddies. The FBI knew of his communist leanings, but many back then were in bed with commies. Kerry, Fonda, and many pols and stars back then went to Cuba and N Viet Nam to give aid to the enemy. One, of course, was Mrs. Obama and Frank Marshall Davis. Obama Sr and Dunham met in a Russian language class.

    • keith

      I was not just about segregation! It was about equality. Not allowing people to vote or to have their basic rights. Communist tag was propaganda, do you seriously think blacks would have overthrown this country by starting communism? If so, you are a fool!

    • Reader

      Best reply yet. Thank you for your accurate and clear perception. I too am of that era, did my part in “fighting for civil rights,” but am so tired of King’s undeserved deification. For whatever “good” he did, unfortunately his self-righteous blowhard demeanor and hypocrisy also seeded further rancor and racism to this day. But it is always hard to hear the reality behind the glorification of one’s “heroes.”

  • Ron Jones

    Michael King was a self-admitted Marxist. This is nothing new. However, his premature death at the hands of an FBI patsy insured his apotheosis… and thus the apotheosis of the communist ideology which he supported.

    His sexual trysts aside, King was a hypocrite for claiming he wanted people to be judged on the “content of their character;” while simultaneously advocating for a redistribution of wealth.

    Because of Michael King (aka “Dr” Martin Luther King Jr) even conservatives bow before the throne of Karl Marx, and the ten planks of communism

    • Ted


  • Rick Daniels

    I am curious about 1 thing. He’s been reading this for 3 years? How boring.

  • sailordude

    WHY is he reading it if it’s a music station? Makes NO SENSE!

  • Wesley Yelsew

    So it is okay for Democrats to make the charge that Christopher Columbus committed genocide on Native Americans when he landed in the Americas? He’s long dead, but they still falsely demonize him. He’s got his own holiday too.

  • melee

    How is this any different about teaching in school the moral flaws of our founding fathers? Oh I know why, they actually do that so our children will hold them in disdain… they can’t have any disdain for a leader like MLK Jr. Granted the man did it the right way by advocating a peaceful movement and should that should be what is focused on so that others can see that change can happen without a gunshot.

    • Darenger

      Peaceful? I don’t see what he did that is so “good.” Advocating civil disobedience, breaking the law and getting thrown in jail for a living is not something I consider peaceful.

  • Ted

    there is an off button on the radio

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