DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police officers are accused of beating a man and using a racial slur after a minor traffic stop. One of the officers is still under investigation from another highly-publicized case.

The lawsuit was filed in Denver Federal Court by a man named Alexander Landau. He was stopped by Denver police 2 years ago this week and claims he was severely beaten.

“We’re suing about the senseless beating of a college student. The racial component is troubling,” said Landau’s attorney, John Holland.

Landau was 19 at the time. He claims Denver police beat him with their fists, a radio and a flashlight until he was rendered unconscious. He challenged police by asking if they had a warrant to search the trunk of his car.

The lawsuit claims the officers involved became irate at the questioning of their authority. It claims one officer yelled, “he’s going for the gun.”

Landau said he replied, “No I am not!”

His lawyer described what happened to Landau.

“He had forty stitches. He was covered in lacerations and blood,” Holland said.

A picture shows landau’s coat covered in blood.


police beating 2 Another Man Says He Was Beaten By Denver Police

An image of the jacket (credit: CBS)

The lawsuit quotes an officer’s report that Landau continued to try and reach for one of the officer’s guns and pulled away from another.

One of the officers involved is Cpl. Randy Murr, who is under investigation in another case caught on tape in which a young man was thrown to the ground by a different officer and struck repeatedly after an incident at a nightclub.

“It’s unacceptable to us that this kind of thing is continuing to happen in Denver Colorado,” Holland said.

At the time of the incident Landau was charged with attempting to disarm a police officer. That charge was dropped.

Denver police say Internal Affairs has reopened the case, which is being monitored by the independent monitor. No further comment is being made because they have not seen the suit.


Comments (12)
  1. Deb says:

    What is going to take to correct the actions of our police departments????? I understand that our police have quite a bit of diversity working througout our state/cities and sometimes our police have to protect theirself but some of the beatings that I see on t.v. as well as the picture above is outragous and should be looked at by not only internal affairs but by FBI. The incidents that I have read about only looks like our departments are glorified gangs with a color of blue and a badge for protection. CORRUPT CORRUPT CORRUPT.

  2. Aunt Bee says:

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” ~ Voltaire

  3. Vincent says:

    I know it’s a problem. I bartend in Denver and I know the police would joke about ruffing up people.

  4. Linda Rockhold says:

    Denver police hit an all-time low. Police brutality was an issue in years past, apparently it is again. Bad cops are a cancer on the city. They need to be rounded up, fired, and prosecuted. Made an example of what NOT to be.
    They give the rest of the department a bad name and make the entire city look bad.
    IA needs to do their job. This brutality and corruption reaches to the Mayor’s office and beyond.

    1. KG says:


  5. Tony G. says:

    Don’t argue with the police,DO WhAT THEY TELL YOU. IF YOU DISAGREE,take it up later with a lawyer and a judge. NO BLOOD OR STICHES that way!!!

    1. Malissa says:

      This is called being CORRUPT. Just because You do what a cop says, does’nt ALWAYS mean they’ll be nice in return ..There ARE Horriable people in this world!!

  6. KG says:

    So everyone assumes this guy is telling the truth and the police are at fault again. I don’t believe this to be the case in all these stories. I believe some who fight with the cops are doing so, because Denver is the cash cow. Scream police brutality and the charges get dropped, because the city attorney thinks it’s controversial and the city pays out huge sums of money to shut the mouths of the people. I see a different side to some of these stories.

  7. jim says:

    Its funny how KG can sit there and judge somebody when he has no idea about a person. The problem is that the few good cops out there are few and the bad cops who think they are judge juror and executioner go unchecked. They have a preset notion based on what a person looks like or how they dress. They are suppose to serve and protect do there job without bias. I know of one of the beaten persons he is a good upstanding person never getting in trouble but being he hung out with the other guy he was judged and then punished by the blue gang. Its sad to see what the city and county of Denver has allowed the police department become judge juror and executioner.

  8. Ron Brevig says:

    KG, even if the guy did try to fight with the cops they are trained to subdue hostile people and quickly defuse situations without applying excessive force, eg without bashing a person’s head in to the point of unconsciousness. There’s absolutely NO justification here in this case for this level of police brutality. The simple fact of the matter is these cops lost emotional control and acted with unreasonable aggression and violence. And the cowardly cops who stood by watching are just as liable for not intervening to stop it.

  9. btn says:

    You yourself are making a lot of assumptions by assuming that the victims are lying. People who pay attention know that the Denver Police are out of control and lawless. All of these civil suit settlement payouts are nothing compared to what the police SHOULD have to pay out.

    You need to get into reality. The world isn’t as rosy as you think.

  10. Malissa says:

    KG:: Id agree you yourself are making alot of assumptions. I personaly know the guy who was beaten by DPD and you should strongly reconsider posting comments that you have little knowledge about. If the pictures dont scream out police brutality to you i dont know what else would.

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