DENVER (AP) — Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter leaves office next week with a hefty legacy on the state’s judicial system.

The (Colorado Springs) Gazette reports that Ritter appointed 112 state and county judges in his one term. That’s nearly as many as a previous governor appointed in two terms.

Ritter also appointed more women and more public defenders to the bench than his Republican predecessor, Bill Owens. However, Owens appointed more judges overall: 174 over his two terms.

Ritter was formerly the district attorney for Denver. Ritter told The Gazette that appointing judges is “as lasting as anything you do” as governor.

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  1. Paul Brent says:

    The lacadasical mindless copy written and spoken by journalists as well as media reporters displays their complete ignorance and lack of command of the English language. The word “democratic” is an adjective, NOT a noun. The noun is Democrat. The noun is Republican. An adjective describes a noun. An example of an adjective describing a noun would be, “IGNORANT jouralist”. Journalist is the noun and IGNORANT is the adjective. Bill Owens is not referred to as the “Republicanic” former Governor.. You do not refer to polticians as members of the “PARTY of DEMOCRATICS or PARTY of REPUBLICANICS”, They belong to the party of Democrats or Party of Republicans. By saying “Democratic Party”, you are inferring that all other parties are not democratic in their actions, which could not be farther from the truth as the Democrat party is arguably the least democratically acting party in our Republic.. Regardless of your political inclination, please make a reasonable attempt to utilize correct English in your copy. And yes… I am a Republicanic.

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