DENVER (CBS4) – Snowy days can be tiring with all the shoveling and scraping, but it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. There are many people who have been looking forward to the snow.

It’s something the Front Range hasn’t seen in a while. Snow has finally arrived and its sticking.

At Ruby Hill families raced each other down in sleds and the more serious snow lovers hopped on their boards at the railyard. It opened later than usual because of the dry season. And while there may not be as much snow on the ground than in previous years, the enthusiasts will take what they can get.

“It’s awesome, we finally get some snow in Denver, so were going to enjoy it out here,” a man said.

Outdoor lovers are not the only ones benefitting.

“We’ve been waiting for the weather for about 3 months,” Ace Hardware manager Ian Kueht said. “It brings a lot more people in for shovels and ice melt, and of course the sled.”

Ace Hardware hadn’t sold many shovels until now.

“People usually don’t prepare very much, they usually just come in after the fact,” Kueht said.

Sleds were also a hard sell, but that’s changed as well.

Snow can definitely mean work.

“We’ll just get some housework done and keep an eye on the shoveling,” an Ace Hardware customer said.

Ruby Hill railyard in Denver opened for the season on Saturday. The yard will stay open through the end of February — as long as the snow holds out.


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