FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)- Fort Collins is considering tougher limits on the size of remodeled homes in older, historic neighborhoods.

The city council gave preliminary approval to the new rules this week.

Some homeowners complain that oversized scrape offs and remodels overwhelm the historically smaller homes.

“I used to have nice sun that came into my kitchen and my living room and now I don’t get anything at all,” said homeowner Kate Polk. “I mean, it just towers over all the other houses.”

Now, a proposal to further limit the size of homes.

The current rules state that the square footage of a new home can only equal half the square footage of the lot that the building’s on. Under the proposed regulation, that number would be cut down to about 27 percent of the lot size.

Others believe their improvements help bring up the neighborhood’s overall value.

“This house was condemned. We totally rebuilt it and made it nice,” said homeowner Andre Mouton.

Mouton said he’s lived in the Old Town area of Fort Collins for 30 years. He decided to embark on a major addition because the historic houses aren’t nearly big enough for a large family.

“We have 5 kids. We need a lot of room,” said Mouton.

He’s opposed to the proposed square foot limit.

“They’re destroying the incentive for people to come down here and fix up these old junky houses,” said Mouton.

The mayor of Fort Collins said the preliminary proposal, which he voted against, needs a lot of work before a final vote to make sure it preserved Old Town without trampling property rights.

“There are a couple of problem properties where they’re out of proportion,” said Mayor of Fort Collins Doug Hutchinson. “Something that maybe does address some of those outlying problems and basically leaves the rest alone.”

“I think they have to figure out the right regulations. I don’t want developers to feel like they can’t come in and do some nice new remodels,” said Polk.

The final vote on the size limits for houses in Fort Collins’ historic neighborhoods will be in early March.

  1. DenverVet says:

    You cant have a hodge podge neighborhood, it benefits no one. I live in Denver in a historic building, I can’t even replace my windows (which are aluminum) unless I buy wooden ones which were original in the building. There are reasons for this.

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