DENVER (AP) — Denver has returned to its roots with the annual National Western Stock Show.

Texas Longhorn cattle were driven through the streets of downtown Thursday at noon as part of the stock show’s annual parade. The parade also included marching bands, floats and performing cowgirls and cowboys.

The stock show, now in its 105th year, officially opens Saturday and runs through Jan. 23. It features rodeos as well as events like sheep shearing contests, horse shows and dog agility games.

Photo Galleries: Photos From The Parade | 2011 Stock Show Beauty Queens

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Comments (3)
  1. tomkan says:

    The annual Western Stock Show and Rodeo parade was entertaining, as always. In the future, need more Western music displays ( trailer being pulled with western music and dancers, some western bands, or at least, loud music being played on portable stereo set); there should be an Emcee on center stage located at Union Station.

  2. DenverVet says:

    Please no music……..its like trying to watch the parade of lights with those announcers talking over everything, you cant enjoy the parade. Not going next year. I wish there would have been something very visable on your site about the parade, I would have gone

  3. Peter Pereira says:

    The Stock Show Parade was fantastic. The Texas Longhorns and the horses did not disappoint. The flag bearing riders were amazing. It was a great day to watch a parade.

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