The real meaning of the season comes to light with the story of how one woman — Sarah Sampsel — gives another woman one of her kidneys.

Dr. Lisa Latts needed a transplant after complications stemming from the birth of her twins.

CBS4’s Gloria Neal followed Sarah and Lisa throughout the year-long ordeal, from Lisa having to go on dialysis and finding a donor to the mixed emotions of Sarah — the donor — and how they both feel today (2-months post transplant). The lives of both women have been changed forever.

Link: National Kidney Foundation

Comments (3)
  1. Sarah says:

    Gloria, thank you for such gracious coverage of this story and I truly hope it may encourage others to consider living donation. I know I don’t have any regrets and am so pleased that my “old” kidney is now residing in someone so worthy. Sarah Sampsel

  2. Janet Stout-Pogar says:

    Great story and you are an inspiration Sarah …. 3 in 1 – wow almost like a hole in 1:-)! Happy New Year!

  3. Gloria says:

    It was my pleasure Ladies.

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