BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS) – It’s a Christmas mystery the Salvation Army is happy to be a part of. A coin worth $1,400 was dropped in a bell ringer’s kettle.

The coin contained one ounce of gold. It was dropped in a Kettle at a Walmart in Broomfield on Wednesday.

The coin from South Africa is called a Krugerrand. It was slipped in bell ringer Claire Harger’s kettle.

“It’s a wonderful thing, and I’m just glad to be a part of the whole process,” Harger said.

Harger said the day the coin was found, she just had a feeling that a Krugerrand would be in her kettle. Harger isn’t a stranger to good fortune. Last year someone put an antique platinum ring in her kettle.

Captain Laura Fenton with the Salvation Army said the Krugerrand will help a number of families.

“This one little coin is going to help up to seven families,” Fenton said.

The donation will help families with a number of items including rental assistance, utility assistance, food, clothes and emergency shelter.
It’s a great gift in Denver where the Salvation Army has a million dollar deficit.

“We understand that money is tight and we appreciate the generosity of folks so far, but if you find that you can give a little bit we would sure appreciate it and we would put it to good use,” Fenton said.


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