DENVER, Colo. (CBS4) – Shopping for toys is fun for every boy and girl, especially at this time of year. Syh Estrada and some of his friends from the Boys & Girls Club joined CBS4 to pick out donations for the Care 4 Colorado Toy Drive.

“They don’t get any toys when it’s Christmas,” said 6-year-old Syh about some of the kids at the Club.

Bringing joy to a child in need as simple as stopping by the toy aisle during your regular trip to the grocery store. You might even find the perfect present for kids like Syh and his friends.

“It’s because they can have some fun, they can have some toys to play with,” said 7-year-old Genesis Soria.

After shopping for the toy drive, Syh and his friends know more than the joys of giving. They also know how good it is to receive.

-Written for the Web by CBS4’s Lisa Ferguson

– Karen Leigh Reporting

Comments (2)
  1. Keil says:

    I heard they have only collected 200 toys and need thousands. I would like to suggest that anyone that was planning on exchanging gag gifts at work or with friends, to exchange toys that can be donated to the Boys and Girls Club. After all, does you co-worker really need a whoopee-cushion?

  2. Ken Feldman says:

    Has anyone looked into concerns of people stealign from the bins at King Soopers? These are not watched and out in the open. I am sure stuff gets ripped off all the time so we do not want to put anyting in there.

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