Lombardi: Broncos Need To ‘Play The Future’

If you’re wondering whether it’s wise to expose Tim Tebow to the chaos that is the Black Hole, ask yourself this question: He couldn’t possibly do any worse than 59-14, could he?

The time is now.

I could understand resisting the urge to play him in Arizona, especially since he was stuck practicing with the scout team all week. He didn’t get the necessary reps. He would not have been able to properly execute the playbook since most of those plays, if not all, were designed for Orton. Tim Tebow, in case you haven’t noticed, is a completely different quarterback. Then again, how would we know?

Here’s what needs to happen this week. Orton needs to be told, “Listen Kyle, thanks for everything you’ve done. You’re a true pro. But we need to see what the kid can do.”

Orton won’t be happy. So what. The Broncos haven’t given the fans much to be happy about all year. What’s another disappointed customer?

First thing Monday, Tebow needs to hit the film room with offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. Just lock the two of them in the smallest room you can find. Send in the occasional pizza and water. They’re not allowed out until practice time on Wednesday.

Throw out the current playbook. McCoy needs to craft a game plan specifically suited to Tebow’s talents. We need to see zone reads, roll outs, QB keepers, quick hitches, in-the-huddle prayers, whatever it takes! And then Tebow – and Tebow alone – needs to get every single rep with the starters this week.

And I don’t want to hear the old “well, you’re doing the veterans a disservice by playing an unproven rookie”. The veterans are doing themselves a disservice. Did you catch the final score Sunday?

Worst-case scenario, Tebow goes into Oakland and stinks up the joint. So what. They’ve stunk for weeks. Sticking with Orton at this point would be like spraying cologne on a wild boar. What’s the point?

Worst-case scenario, Tebow plays the last three games of the season and proves he can’t complete a forward pass. Too bad. At least it would quench this unyielding thirst. At least, we’d get a little sense of what to expect for next season. At least, we’d actually get to see the man who still leads the NFL in jersey sales.

I don’t care what Tebow does against the Raiders next week. It cannot be any worse than 59-14. No way.

What if he wins?

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