If you’re wondering whether it’s wise to expose Tim Tebow to the chaos that is the Black Hole, ask yourself this question: He couldn’t possibly do any worse than 59-14, could he?

The time is now.

I could understand resisting the urge to play him in Arizona, especially since he was stuck practicing with the scout team all week. He didn’t get the necessary reps. He would not have been able to properly execute the playbook since most of those plays, if not all, were designed for Orton. Tim Tebow, in case you haven’t noticed, is a completely different quarterback. Then again, how would we know?

Here’s what needs to happen this week. Orton needs to be told, “Listen Kyle, thanks for everything you’ve done. You’re a true pro. But we need to see what the kid can do.”

Orton won’t be happy. So what. The Broncos haven’t given the fans much to be happy about all year. What’s another disappointed customer?

First thing Monday, Tebow needs to hit the film room with offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. Just lock the two of them in the smallest room you can find. Send in the occasional pizza and water. They’re not allowed out until practice time on Wednesday.

Throw out the current playbook. McCoy needs to craft a game plan specifically suited to Tebow’s talents. We need to see zone reads, roll outs, QB keepers, quick hitches, in-the-huddle prayers, whatever it takes! And then Tebow – and Tebow alone – needs to get every single rep with the starters this week.

And I don’t want to hear the old “well, you’re doing the veterans a disservice by playing an unproven rookie”. The veterans are doing themselves a disservice. Did you catch the final score Sunday?

Worst-case scenario, Tebow goes into Oakland and stinks up the joint. So what. They’ve stunk for weeks. Sticking with Orton at this point would be like spraying cologne on a wild boar. What’s the point?

Worst-case scenario, Tebow plays the last three games of the season and proves he can’t complete a forward pass. Too bad. At least it would quench this unyielding thirst. At least, we’d get a little sense of what to expect for next season. At least, we’d actually get to see the man who still leads the NFL in jersey sales.

I don’t care what Tebow does against the Raiders next week. It cannot be any worse than 59-14. No way.

What if he wins?

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Comments (20)
  1. Rob K says:

    Vic Lombardi is reading my mind and I believe he is right.Start the future now! It can’t get any worse than it is now

    1. Jessica Rose says:

      Yes what are they waiting for start the future right now

  2. David says:

    I am refusing to use my tickets if Orton continues to play. I am not going to watch this train wreck continue. It would be nice to see something different, even if Tebow looses at least it would be more exciting to watch.

    1. Jessica Rose says:

      I want Tebow just as bad as you

    2. Ryan says:

      Re: David
      If you “refuse ” to use your tickets, why don’t you do something decent, like ummm Maybe donate to the Boys and Girls Club or somewhere so someone may actually enjoy the game-day events that may never of had the chance until now. Don’t just treat the tickets like trash. Just a thought…

      1. Paul says:

        or send them to a fan in Kansas who like to take his kids to there first Bronco game, but cannot afford the outragous scalper prices online or at the stadium.

  3. areferee says:

    I’m not sure when you wrote this piece Vic, but Eric Studesville is on record as having stated that Kyle Orton will be his starter in Oakland. You wouldn’t expect a Broncos executive to make such a public statement and then reverse course, would you?

    That would be like an owner announcing that the current head coach will be here for the 2011 season and then firing him a few days later. It’ll never happen.

    Besides, when have we made the correct decision during this campaign? We have precedent to protect. It’s not like the future of the franchise and its fan base is at stake.

  4. stan says:

    Makes you think the real reason that they don’t play THE NEXT STAR(as you people think). Is it possible that his ability to throw long or even read a basic defense is the reason. Be careful what you wish for. It may not be the answer you are begging for.

    1. Matt says:

      FYI: Tebow’s consistently been the #2 QB on the depth chart so we know he’s at least been better than Quinn. And Studesville said something to the effect that Tebow could handle starting (or increased play time) now. And, even if you were right, so what? Would he be worse than Orton? Worse case scenario, they lose again which at this point is probably for the best. At least then maybe we could try to bring in a decent running back.

  5. Sara says:

    Hey David,
    Can I have your tickets if you’re not going to use them? I love Orton.

  6. Jason says:

    you love orton???
    sara sorry mamas but come on

  7. ARTHUR MILON says:


  8. Debbie P says:

    Is there anyone out there as sick and tired of hearing about “Wonder Boy Tim Tebow” as I am???? Come on media guys –especially you Vic! If Tebow was as good as you think he should have been able to beat out Kyle Orton for the starting position. He did not! Give us a break from all the Tebow praise!! May the best man/player win!

  9. Jon says:

    Orton has a great stat line but he is not winning. Tebow is a winner… He has won at every level but the NFL. Give the kid a chance and let his play speak for itself.

  10. Woody says:

    Big football fan, not so much Bronco fan since Elway left. I knew he was the franchise, not Shanahan. Anyway, it’s kinda funny watching and listen to all this. Orton, yes you won the starter spot. But your comments and complaints about the other teams and players through the year said to media make you look like a weak poor sport. Then you started playing like one. Yank him! Next QB… Nope, Daniels didn’t have the courage. So down go the Broncos. Then done goes Daniels. Really? Should have played started else, Tebow, just to save the fans. The dignity. Nice…

  11. Myra S says:

    I agree with Debbie P. Get off it already. Enough is enough You sound like a broken record, Vic. Maybe they should bring in Reggie Rivers to do the sports.

  12. Bronco Fan says:

    If you want to “play the future,” start Tebow at tight end. No new coach will come in here and make him a QB. The only person who wanted to do that used three draft picks to get him and, last I checked, doesn’t work here anymore.

  13. Jessica Rose says:

    Looks like the Broncos are stubborn and plan to keep Kyle Orten in the game no matter how worse it gets

  14. CJ says:

    In regards to Debbie P, we don’t really know if Tebow beat him out or not. McDaniels is the one that brought Orton in and didn’t want to look like he didn’t know what he was doing, which he didn’t, by starting a rookie fresh out of College. I am not saying that Tebow is the answer, but we really don’t know what he is like because we haven’t gotten to see him play for a long period of time. The season is over, spice it up, let someone else get in there and see what they can do. We sure as heck have nothing to lose!

  15. DeltaDave says:

    We want TEBOW!!! The fans spoke at the home game vs. the Rams. People will go to see Tebow play. How many Orton jerseys have you seen at home games compared to Tebow jerseys? Do they even sell Orton jerseys? I think its time to see what Tebow can do. Although we arent doing well, people will go to the last 2 Bronco games to see Tebow play

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