Although there are lights from Christmas lights to see at this time of year, a big natural light show is set to light up the skies above Colorado.

The annual Geminid Meteor Shower will be firing at its peak Monday night into Tuesday morning. This time around astronomy experts are estimating night sky watchers may see up to 100 shooting stars per hour.

Your going to have to stay up late to see the best of the show. That will come after midnight. The moon will set around midnight — before then the moon’s light  interferes with seeing all the meteors in their full brightness. There will be lots of clouds out so it is going to have to be a game of peek-a-boo with the clouds and the Geminids.

If you do stay up, look to the southern sky and the meteors will look as though they are shooting out of the Gemini constellation. The peak will be right before dawn on Tuesday morning.

aguilera Geminid Meteors Are Ready For A Big Show– By Meteorologist Dave Aguilera

  1. Dean A. Glenn says:

    Mr. Aguiilera, please learn the difference between possessive pronominal pronouns and contractions. YOU ARE may be contracted as YOU’RE – but may never be exchanged for YOUR. THEY ARE may be contracted as THEY’RE, but may never be exchanged for THEIR.

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