ASPEN, Colo. (AP) – After several days of searching, police in Aspen are asking for help finding a missing man. George Aldrich was last seen late Saturday night, Nov. 27, at Eric’s bar.

“Between 10:30 and 11 o’clock, and then after that, nobody knows where he went,” said George’s brother Sean Aldrich.

Aldrich, 28, didn’t show up for work on Monday at the Snowmass Ski Area.

According to the “Find George” Facebook page, police have talked to a boy who got off the bus at the Truscott bus stop along with Aldrich. On the page it says “he claims to have overheard Georgie say he got off at the wrong stop but is unsure what he did next.” Police think he tried to hitchhike or started walking, thinking another shuttle would pass by.

Aldrich’s friends said he only had a couple of beers before leaving Eric’s bar that night.

“Nobody that has come forward to let me know or let us know where he was from 11 o’clock that night ,” said George’s father George Aldrich, Sr.

Posters of Aldrich are up all over Aspen.

“We are just doing computer searches, looking for any signs of financial activity on his part. Anything that would show him to be well and someplace other than here,” said Aspen Police Asst. Chief Bill Linn.

Aldrich moved to Snowmass from Rhode Island just a month ago.

“He would actually hike to the top of the mountain with a snowboard, hike up two hours and snowboard down,” said Sean. “That’s it. He was just trying to get acclimated with the town.”

His family is hoping he’ll be found safe.

“If he was hurt or got disoriented, if he’s in the mountains, then there’s still time. He had good winter gear on. He had a coat and hat and gloves,” said Aldrich Sr.

His family is offering a $5,000 reward.

A renewed ground search of the Truscott Place area, including Pyramid Drive and the Maroon Creek Golf Course, is planned for Saturday, Dec. 4.

Anyone who saw Aldrich after 10:30 p.m. Nov. 27 is asked to call Aspen Police (970) 920-5400.


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