Child safety car seats are so important that experts warn ….if you don’t install them properly you might as well not install them at all.

Experts estimate that more than 70 percent of us don’t install car seats correctly. That doesn’t surprise me but what does surprise me is how many times I’ve seen parents allow their children to “roam” freely in the backseat of the car-unrestrained!  I am amazed.

When I was coming up, car seats were not really required.  No one scowled if you didn’t have your child in a seat.  However, I’m a big believer in when you learn better, do better.  Please, place your child in a child safety seat…or at the very least make them sit down.

If you are not sure where to go or where to click…just click on the link below and you’ll find a list of statewide car seat inspection sites.  Now, if you don’t speak English, don’t worry.  There are also Spanish speaking inspection sessions.

– by Gloria Neal


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