For some drivers, it’s too late. Even before Halloween weekend partiers hit the road, the Colorado Department of Transportation says statistics during the Fall Festival “Heat Is On”enforcement period, which started September 10th, and ended October 25th, nabbed 1,813 people for DUI.

This Halloween may come on the tail-end of the Fall Festival enforcement, but the Colorado State Patrol, along with 78 local law enforcement agencies will out in full force this weekend, looking for anyone under the influence.

Since Halloween falls on a Sunday, and temperatures promise to be warm, police are prepared. Col. James Wolfinbarger, chief of the Colorado State Patrol said, “We expect many people will celebrate the holiday with alcohol. But dressing up and putting on a mask doesn’t give you an excuse to act irresponsibly by driving impared”.

2009 was THE deadliest October for DUI crashes, with 26 people killed. Sadly, however, we may beat that record this year. Already, preliminary reports say 34 people have been killed in traffic accidents so far this October, but it is too early to determine how many of these deaths were alcohol-related.

You don’t have to drink a lot to be DUI in Colorado. One drink an hour is almost too much, no matter how much water you drink, or how much you ate. And the reality of a DUI is $10,000 in fines, fees and insurance increases… even possibly losing your driving privilege.

Police want to scare you into not getting behind the wheel drunk, and promise to arrest anyone they find who did. Ask anyone in law enforcement….the day after Halloween as people get bailed out for their DUI is not pretty. Last year 357 drivers were arrested during the Halloween enforcement period. And this year with the Sunday celebration, there is even more time to make a bad choice.

Have a blast and enjoy yourself this Halloween. But know that ghouls and goblins won’t be the only ones out in force this Halloween weekend!

– by Lynn Carey


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