Even though the snow has pretty much melted by now at Colorado ski resorts, some folks are still hitting the slopes.

Call it alpine biking, gravity biking or downhilling. It’s going on at the Solvista Bike Park.

“The time was when it was just forest and there were no ski runs cut out, so you had to find your way up a trail up the mountain,” park Director Matt Thompson said. “It’s the same thing with biking. You know you can still pedal up and then ride down or you can come on out and ride the chairlift up and then ride down.”

“It’s great because the guys who run this place are racers, are downhillers and they build it right,” said downhiller Michelle Tomayo. “That’s why it’s fun to ride because they’re the ones who are riding it.”

Thompson helped design the trails. He says mountain bikers, like skiers, will find plenty of green and blue runs, as well.

“We want to help the riders progress so we’ve got a lot of green terrain that’s really suitable for the beginning and novice rider that will help them have a great fun experience here and not feel like they’re throwing themselves in harm’s way,” Thompson said.

“The best of the best can come here and they can train and ride on a good track that will challenge them,” said Chris Shewmake, a member of the trail crew. “Then also the first-timers can come here and find a track that they love, as well.”


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