DENVER (CBS4) – Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels held out his hand after Denver’s 49-29 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, but Chiefs head coach Todd Haley just pointed his finger at McDaniels and walked away.

Haley apologized to McDaniels and Broncos fans on Monday, but declined to say what it was that made him angry. It’s assumed by many he thought the Broncos were running up the score.

“I don’t’ think we ran up the score because I think at halftime the game was still in reach for them. And if we would have backed off and started going three-and-outs, they would have continued to throw the ball and score points and they would have been back in the game,” said Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, who was the guest on Xfinity Broncos Live!

Lloyd said they needed to continue to score points to get the game in the bag. But another issue is playing starters with such a big lead.

“I don’t think anyone was really griping about coming out because this was a division game, we need the work, we need to be out there and be successful and playing well as a team,” Lloyd said. “I know I didn’t want to come out. Like I said, I don’t think it’s running up the score. I think it’s just making sure we have the win in the bag before there are zeros on the clock.”

Running back Knowshon Moreno, who was also a guest on the show, said, “I was staying in the game no matter what.”

The Chiefs allege they gave the Broncos some courtesy last year by taking Jamaal Charles out of the game in the season finale blowout. The Broncos say all is fair in love and war and it’s a football game.

“This is football and there are no excuses. If we would have let them come back they wouldn’t have been saying, ‘They took their starters out before we came back and won.’ They would have said, ‘We had a comeback victory,'” Lloyd said. “It’s just poor sportsmanship on Haley’s part.”

Moreno was able to notch his first 100-yard game in the NFL rushing for 106 yards on 22 carries and catching three passes for 50 yards and a touchdown. One of the keys to his success was the downfield blocks by the wide receivers and tight ends.

“That was one of the most important coaching points, that once we do get the run game going and we get out back into the second level, we to have our receivers downfield blocking and have bodies on safeties,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd said the blocks don’t have to be knockout blows, but the receivers should just get in the way enough so when the running backs get to the second level they can make a move for a breakaway gain.

“That’s the great thing about Knowshon. He’s able to make cuts and do things with the ball that most guys won’t be able to do,” Lloyd said.

The Broncos travel to San Diego to take on the Chargers on Monday night.

— By Matthew J. Buettner,

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