A favorite Colorado family tradition continues this winter on the ice of Evergreen Lake.

When it freezes, the lake offers 40 acres to explore with seven hockey rinks and one big public rink where parents and children alike can find their “skating” legs.

For people who are used to ice skating indoors, the first lesson comes in the form of adjusting to ice, which is a bit rougher, despite the attentions of Zamboni operator Mike Bitterly.

“We (do runs over the ice) every morning, before we open. Basically what it does is shave off a thick layer of ice,” he said. “It just levels the ice real nice and gets it down to the harder ice.”

The families who use the lake appreciate the attention. One father from Golden said Evergreen Lake is a favorite spot for his children.

“Pond skating is so much fun. You can’t beat pond skating, it’s a great time.”

Evergreen Lake rents ice skates and charges a modest fee for skaters over the age of 3.

You will want to check on the ice conditions before you go. You can do that by calling the Evergreen Lake Skating Hot Line at (303) 512-9300.


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